Stronga HookLoada HL260T XL – Class-leading hook trailer with hydraulic suspension!

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Discover the class – leading Stronga HookLoada HL260T XL specification with market – leading trailer components like hydraulic suspension, Stronga Electronic Power Steering (EPS) and high performance steering axles.

In the video, see the features and benefits of Stronga’s most complete, most efficient, and most desirable hook lift trailer:
• Proven and reliable Stronga hydraulic suspension technology guarantees excellent safety and stability in all environments. The auto-leveling / hill-leveling function keeps the hook lift trailer horizontal when lifting containers or when driving over angled terrain.
• Stronga hydraulic suspension delivers outstanding driver comfort at high speeds with smooth give-and-take driving performance over the harshest terrain.
• Hydraulic drawbar delivers load leveling and load balancing for easy pull performance, leading to significantly reduced fuel consumption and a lower power requirement from the prime mover. Stronga hydraulic drawbar ensures excellent shock-absorbing performance to optimise the driving experience.
• Magnetic and handheld Stronga Electronic Power Steering (EPS) console allows the user to operate trailer and steering functions from distance, leading to improved personal safety while tipping.
• Lift axle raising function when travelling empty reduces tyre wear and lowers fuel consumption to contribute to substantial financials savings which add up throughout the year. Stronga lift axle also delivers improvements to maneuverability in tight and confined spaces.
• Improved axle alignment delivers excellent track following ability by easily following the prime mover contours. The high-spec axle configuration coupled with large floatation radial tyres ensures excellent terrain riding while reducing soil capping and damage.
• Full ride-hide control allows the user to easily adjust the chassis height to suit the environment and trailer operation. When fully lowered, the ultra-low hook trailer centre of gravity delivers a solid tipping base. When fully raised, axle travel is maximised to improve the ride experience and overall performance.
• Twin front support legs guarantee excellent reliability, maximal stability and optimal strength all the time, allowing the user to thrive from the benefits of a high load bearing capacity.
• Suspension and steering in-sync is just one of the many great innovative HookLoada features that continue to improve the efficiency and performance of our hook lift trailer solutions.
• Hydraulic auto-extending rear bumper enables the 26 tonne transport system to accept longer hook lift containers for optimal efficiency, reduced journey frequency and improve stability when tipping and offloading containers.

The Stronga hook lift trailer system is one of the most powerful investments the professional operator can make today.

With ultra-low depreciation, reduced labour requirement, uncapped efficiency improvements and reduced fuel costs, the Stronga HookLoada trailer is undoubtedly one of the greatest transport solutions in the market.

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