Roger Knobel ”A-12” SR-71 Blackbird Giant Remote Control Turbine Jet

4 sene önce
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05.10.2013 Hausen am Albis / MG Affoltern a.A
Fantastisch das Flugbild dieser SR-71 Blackbird mit einer BehotecTurbine, selber alle Teile am CAD entworfen und selber gefräst,Wow Respekt.!
RC Flight Show 05.10.2013 Hausen am Albis/Affoltern MFG Switzerland Enjoy it and have Fun your RCHeliJet
more Info:
Thanks Rogers nice to meet you 🙂
*Right, in this color, it is an A-12 and the only copy is in Seattle / United States. Roger.K has the color chosen because of the visibility in the air, because this is the proto-type. Mr. Knobel has 3 more SR-71 are now ready to fly then* Thanks

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