RC Model Truck Hydroplaning, Wheelies And Crashes!! Traxxas Slash 4×4 Brushless Water Skipping RCFRENZY

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After much trial and error, we succesfully performed RC hydroplaning! Watch this traxxas slash 4×4 brushless rc truck water skipping accross a pond! The truck pretty much wheelies the entire time, a very powerful brushless machine!

Who needs an rc boat when you have this? haha

In order to do something like this, your rc truck needs to be 100% waterproof or you risk alot of money. Some runs ended in rough crashes and flips, but waterproof electronics let the truck sit in the water for several minutes without any damage.

The rc truck used in this video is a traxxas slash 4×4 with brushless motor and esc along with a lipo battery.

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