Jumping a Toyota Landcruiser into a pond then blowing it up twice !

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“I gotta go they are about to jump a car into the pond”Must see redneck entertainment right here, the full video from the clip shown on Tru TV! Spend some time with Mothug Doug Gall at his private test facility and watch as he has fun trying to first drive on two wheels, then he gets busy jumping a junk Toyota Land Cruiser SUV into a pond, pulling it out and then blowing it up twice with two bombs at the end of the video using some large fireworks mortar rounds costing about twenty dollars each! This vehicle was on its last leg and unable to be safely driven on the road so don’t get too upset at us acting like idiots, we are just having some fun! If you like redneck fun/destruction, fast cars and bikes, motorsports racing videos, make sure you check out my popular Youtube Channel:

This video of Mothug Doug and his motor-head friends is old and outdated, so if you are looking for more recent hillbilly action, check out the newest epic movie taking place at the private test facility, Mothug Dougs Halloween Bash, “Rednecks Revenge” the movie, one full hour of car crashes, cars on fire, hill jumps, backyard dirt racing, demolition derby, and of course more cars get jumped into the pond… just click this link for the 2015 insanity:

If you want to see my favorite compilation of automotive action compiled over ten years of videos, “Bloopers and Breakdowns” containing even more race car crashes, drag racing, drama, horsepower and high speed… check out the full movie here:

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