Hummer H2 Rock Crawling * Extreme 4×4 OFFROAD

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Hummer H2 Rock Crawling – Extreme 4×4 OFF-ROAD
2017 Mont-Tremblant Offroading Victoria Day 4×4 off road extreme ! Hummer H2 off-road extreme rock crawling on Little Moab in Quebec

Humman Off Road Adventures presents off road trucks, 4×4 off road rally, extreme off-road and 4×4 off-road overland adventures.

Our Off Road channel is dedicated to extreme 4×4 off road overland adventures in different offroading conditions, and all makes and models 4×4 off-road trucks and cars.
We drive best 4×4 trucks and learn how to fix on trail to ensure our top 4×4 vehicles are good for off road all terrains overland adventures.
We participate in 4×4 off-road rally, hardcore 4×4 off road overland expeditions, and 4×4 off road adventures to get 4×4 off road experience.
We also learn how to offroad alone, how to recover on its own, and what are the best tools and tricks for off-road overland off-road 4×4 adventures.

We are featuring all hardcore 4×4 off road trucks, and off-road vehicles capable to go through all terrains and different offroad conditions.
We also are featuring 4×4 capable off-road vehicles, best off road SUV and capable 4×4 cars, monster trucks and rock crawlers.
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Our off-road channel features legal and illegal 4×4 trucks for both 4×4 off road beginners and crazy 4×4 stunts.
The dangerous 4×4 off road fails caught on camera are shared with public to promote awareness of 4×4 off road risk and 4×4 off road failures.
Off-road 4×4 fails, off road dash cam videos are uploaded for entertainment purposes only.
Extreme 4×4 truck offroad overland adventures are dangerous, and require good truck and driver preparation for off-roading, 4×4 overland adventures and 4×4 off road expeditions.
We recommended 4×4 offroad training and 4×4 education courses using online educational off-road training material, off road videos and 4×4 off road forums.
Do not try extreme 4×4 offroading unless you have 4×4 off-road experience or learn how to off road 4×4 trucks or 4×4 cars.
Learn about 4×4 off-roading and off road tools and off road 4×4 tricks to ensure you are prepared for 4×4 off road challenges.

Extreme off-roading and 4×4 sports are not for everyone.
We recommend 4×4 games or RC trucks for people who are not prepared for challenges of 4×4 off roading overland adventures.
You may enjoy 4×4 off road truck games or RC off road truck 4×4 competitions which may pump enough Adrenalin to feel excited.
If you decide to try 4×4 off-road using 4×4 off-road trucks – we recommend to attempt 4×4 off-roading with 4×4 off road guide or experienced off-roader.
Otherwise, enjoy your 4×4 off road truck on paved roads or use it to haul camper or off road trailer for adventures around the country side.

Our 4×4 off-road videos and trucks were featured on 4×4 TV program, and we participated in 4×4 Mad Max truck promotion and other 4×4 movies promotion.
We feature the following 4×4 off road videos on this channel. All our extreme 4×4 off road videos are copyrighted, and should not be used without our permission:

Hummer H2 extrême hors route
Fora da estrada Hummer H2
Hummer H2 Off Road on rocks
yoldan aşırı
Abseits der Straße

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