Homemade Electric Jet Engine Working Model (1/90 scale)

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This is a model of a jet engine (scale 1:90) that I made with an electric motor that moves, besides the fan, a set of gears and a flywheel that spin in 16:1 ratio, which I took from a flywheel-driven toy car.

Part 1: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=QSCcjEU0OQ8

The cool thing is that because of the flywheel, it makes the model react and sound similar to a real full-size jet engine.

Of course I know there are a lot of real homemade jet engines out there that are cooler that my humble model, but keep in mind that I made this just for fun, with only junk that was hanging around, and I spend just a few months (on and off) to made this. Besides there are a few advantages of having an electric model instead of a real jet engine model, like: is cheaper, is safer, is not too loud, etc.

I wasn’t thinking in replicate any real jet engine in particular but as you can see is a model of a high-bypass turbofan for airliners, comparable to the CFM56 that is used on the Boeing 737.

At maximum speed the fan goes at 3600 RPM, and the fly wheel goes 16 times faster (57600 RPM).

Since I was a kid a plan to make this jet engine but I never accomplished, so the main purpose of this project was to fulfill that old wish, although it was also for fun.

I used:
– DC motor of 12V that I extracted from an old hairdryer.
– AC/DC adapter with output of 13.5V and 1000 mA.
– AC 120V rheostat (dimmer) to use it as a throttle.
– A gearbox with a flywheel which I took from a flywheel-driven toy car. It also has a little piece of plastic striking the gear of the flywheel to make the high-pitched whistling sound.
– The blades of the fan are made of metal that I extracted from a bunch of 3½-inch HD floppy disks (the part that covers the exposed disk). I cut and mold every blade (20 of them) by hand.
– For the N1 gauge I used an ammeter from an old record player, an electromagnet, 4 magnets and 4 diodes connected in a bridge configuration to convert the AC generated to DC.
– I made the exterior with body filler, the same used for cars, and a lot of sanding and paint.

I recorded the first part video over a year ago, and drop the project. But recently I created the housing and did a few improvements so I posted this 2nd video.

For instructions on how to build a similar jet engine model, go here: https://sites.google.com/site/interlinkknight/jet-engine

If you like my model jet, you might also like my V8 Engine Working Model https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=B2LqtCjqjEU

1. How much thrust does it make?
None. Is just a model/toy

2. Is just a fan, right?
Yes, is just a fan.

3. Why call it a jet engine if is a fan?
Is a model/toy of a turbofan jet engine. Is a representation of an airliner engine.

4. Any plans to put it on an RC airplane?
No, because it doesn’t generate any thrust (by design).

5. Instructions on how to build it?
On my website https://sites.google.com/site/interlinkknight/jet-engine

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