High Voltage Tower Construction 2 Time Lapse and Real – Time HD V05177

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Time lapse and real-time footage shows just how much work and skill it takes to put one of these towers up without any roads. Because these towers were being erected on National Forest land, cutting new roads to most of the tower sites was not allowed and in some casts would not have been cost-effective due to the difficult terrain. The pilots had to battle gusty winds which made setting each piece in place a tricky task. Watch in HD full-screen for maximum detail and clarity! This is JCMDI Catalog #V05177

At 0:40 some rigging is tossed from the tower – it is NOT a worker falling! 😉

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The large orange/red helicopter being used for the heavy lift operation is a Sikorsky (Erickson) S-64 Sky Crane, which has a lift capacity of 10 tons (20,000 LBS) and is also used for water/retardant drops in firefighting as well as many other tasks.

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