Helicopter Lift Golden Gate Bridge.

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Helicopter lifts Microwave Dish to the top of the south tower of the San Franciscan Golden Gate Bridge.
In September 2009, after a couple of weather and technical delays, ARIS Helicopters accomplished a high-profile lift and placement job on the world-famous Golden Gate Bridge in San Francisco. With pilot Sam Nowden flying a Sikorsky S-58T twin-Turbine helicopter, the job consisted of removing and replacing a twin parabolic microwave repeater disc assembly on the south tower of the bridge.

At 2,500 pounds, the weight of the disc assembly was considerably below the 5,000 pounds the S-58T is capable of lifting. The early-morning lift started with car traffic on the bridge being delayed. Then the helicopter, appropriately named “Engine 58,” landed in a parking lot to have its 100-foot long line attached.

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