Woodturning – The Organised Chaos Torus

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In this video I make a segmented Torus using 11 species of wood.. it stands 12″ high and has 720 segments and 2 spalted beech sphere feet ..
The timbers used – Purple Heart , Oak , Mahogany , Zebrano , Spalted Beech , Ash , elm , Walnut , Tulip , Maple Burr , Wenge and Kingwood ..I finished the piece with Danish Oil ..
I had some segments leftover from the organised chaos vase I made recently and after seeing some of the crazy torus’s that Cammies Garage has made recently I thought I would have a go at one myself …

https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=5sh574GPepM – Cammies Garage

I would also like to credit Kyle Toth for the spheres for feet method of standing the torus upright I’ve seen this method used a few times but was unaware it was his idea ..

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My videos are for entertainment purposes only. When using any tools/machinery always read & understand manufacturer’s guidelines & safety instructions.
The methods I use may not be the safest, so please be responsible for your own safety …

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