Woodturning an Oak Log Bowl

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40 minutes in the microwave turns this fresh cut wood into a sweet oval shape! It is fresh cut oak finished with linseed oil.

I believe in the responsible use of trees. This log was from a tree that blew down in a storm and was saved from burning.

My method is to microwave on high for 2 minutes and then let it cool for 2. I keep doing that until it stops loosing weight and no longer has a ‘moist heat’ feel to it. The wood should loose at least 30-35% of it weight during the process. The bowl should be left out for a day or two before finishing. I’ll make a video about it eventually. Beware if you do it too much the microwave can actually char the bowl.

The most important factors to keep the bowl from cracking is a uniform wall thickness and no pithy center wood.

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This video is is for entertainment, not meant to be instructional. Many scenes have been cut from the video. Always follow the safety guidelines of the tool manufacturer and be responsible for you own safety. Feel free to ask with any questions.

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