Wheeled and caterpillar tractor in the fight against impassability! Eyes are afraid and the tractor is going! Compilation

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Tractor is a self-propelled (caterpillar or wheeled) machine that performs agricultural, road construction, earth moving, transport and other works in an aggregate with trailed, mounted or stationary machines (implements). It is characterized by low speed and high traction force. It is widely used in agriculture for plowing and moving non-self-propelled machines and tools, as a rule is equipped with removable or non-removable hinged and semi-mounted agricultural, construction or industrial equipment (for example, drilling equipment), depending on the tasks performed. For example, an industrial tractor equipped with a bulldozer knife is called a bulldozer.
The person managing the tractor, depending on the type, purpose, engine power, additional equipment is called: tractor driver, machinist, driver mechanic, machine operator.

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