VTOL V22 Osprey RC Model at Banana Hobby !

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It’ s finally coming ! A scale radio-controlled V-22 with VTOL capabilities ! Its been 3 years in the making & after countless hours of development it’ s finally at our reach. This model brings a lot to the table with its quick assembly and compact size! While in flight it uses a high-precision stabilization board, built just for it. Vertical takeoff and landing can be done in a variety of different terrains. Plus, the transition to forward flight seamlessly blends with the overall flying experience, making it easier on the pilot. No runway necessary.

Hope you enjoy our overview video of this beauty!

0:00 – Intro
0:58 – Model Presentation
5:16 – Vertical Take-off
6:41 – Transition to Forward Flight
8:30 – Vertical Landing
8:40 – Flight Debrief and Outro

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