Upcycled Glass Lamps 2.0 !

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There is another studio next door to me that is a glass blowing shop. Sometimes they will throw away their scrap colored glass, so I picked this stuff out of the dumpster. My first lamp made from aluminum & concrete, while being really cool and well received, had a few design flaws I wanted to address in version 2.0 (weight, easy access to the light, portability/shippability, modularity).

For the base, I used a lamination of 3/4″ plywood that I salvaged from some old sawhorses I built but wasn’t using anymore. The jar that holds the glass is an oversized mason jar that I salvaged from a wedding centerpiece (and another pair using flower vases). The lighting for it is achieved with an LED light strip that sits inside an acrylic tube within the lamp and is switched with a kind of industrial looking toggle switch.

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