Ultimate Router Table & Storage Cabinet ”table saw extension wing”

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A router table with aromatic cedar and versatile store, overkill, it’s what I do.
Table Saw Router Table Cabinet Plans: http://bit.ly/2JMQj7U
Details! ▼
► Check out all of the amazing ROCKLER tools and materials used to make this project a reality!
Materials & Parts:
Wide T-Track http://bit.ly/2lgOwZZ
Regular T-Track http://bit.ly/2JQhRt6
Router Table ProFence http://bit.ly/2JZYAo9
Router Lift FX http://bit.ly/2otzljq
Pro Lift Router Lift http://bit.ly/2lgcy7k
Cam Clamps http://bit.ly/2lgtqLe
Power Switch http://bit.ly/2t3K9pB
Router Speed Controller http://bit.ly/2JPdIFQ
Dust Collection Remote http://bit.ly/2t86imG

Drill Bit/Driver Combo http://bit.ly/2nAOUlu
Push Blocks http://bit.ly/2I2zYWT
Glue Bottle http://bit.ly/2K01UMZ
Table Saw Sled http://bit.ly/2lfnAtE
Router Bit Holders http://bit.ly/2K2tVqk
Feather Boards http://bit.ly/2ymZ2IG
Router Bit Straight Bit Set http://bit.ly/2ypMH6A
Router Bit Set http://bit.ly/2K4RiQ2

Dust Collection:
Flat Dust Port http://bit.ly/2K2MTgA
Router Table Dual Port http://bit.ly/2lgNo8P
2.5″ Expandable Hose Kit http://bit.ly/2xhnDO4
Blast Gate http://bit.ly/2MxlG49
4″ T-Connector Fitting http://bit.ly/2tkF0c3
4″ Keyed Bridge Hose Clamps http://bit.ly/2tlmGzg
Dust Right Dust Collector http://bit.ly/2JOA1vn
Dust Collection Hose Clip http://bit.ly/2I2EBQC

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► Full build article – Coming soon

This is a super versatile router lift and storage cabinet built around the Rockler ProLift router lift that lives in the extension wing of my table saw accompanied with some t-track.

Here’s some of the intricacies of my design: The wider t-track was notched out to allow for the t-bolts from the fence to slide into the blue t-track. I swapped out the hardware that comes with the fence for some cam clamps. The whole cabinet is made from ½” aromatic cedar Purebond plywood that I had left over from my dresser build. The drawer bottoms are all made from 1/4” plywood and those function as drawer bottoms, drawer slides, drawer pulls, and even drawer stops because of the orange PVC piece mounted to the front that I plan on using to label the drawers. The drawers hold wrenches, feather boards, push blocks, and things like that. But most of the drawers are router bit holders, appropriately enough. Each of the holes in those drawers has a combined ¼” and ½” hole so each hole can hold either sized shank router bit. Rockler also makes plastic inserts that perform the same function if you don’t have a lazy millennial in your shop to drill all those holes for you. The door over where the router is located is made from an acrylic sheet with embedded wire mesh. This is a scrap piece that I got my hands on from Jimmy Diresta. It’s mounted using some spring loaded hinges that were picked from the trash, so those hold the door shut. I reused the legs that came on the saw, but drilled and tapped some holes into the side of the cabinets and bolted them on. It’s actually a much more solid solution than what came on the saw, but I’m getting off topic. The dust collection is combined between the table saw and router table and hooks into my small Dust Right dust collector. This is part of what has enabled me to keep my shop entirely free from duct-work. The smaller hose for the fence is held in place with a metal clip on the side of the cabinet and installed in the fence when needed.

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