”Toy Grade RC”Toy RC motogp racing bike at Punggol Hardcourt Fun run!

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”Toy Grade RC” Toy RC motogp racing bike at Punggol Hardcourt Fun run!
The rigs: Toy Grade RC mini bikes
Who says toy grade RC can’t be fun? 😀

A group of fun loving bros decided to put the high speed cars and bikes aside, and race on th TOY GRADE MotoGP Bikes! 😀

Everyone has a fair chance and the racers in the group doesn’t have any advantages. 😀
Pretty fun little toys!
For the low price, the toy bikes come with 2.4Ghz radios, and running 9 MotoGP Bikes together doesn’t glitch at all !
Toy grade RC has evolved… 😀
Some of us even went for a 2nd round order to get a few more to play with the kids at home… Great family bonding fun and laughter! 😀

Thanks for watching!

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