The most AMAZING CNC wood box EVER !

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CNC Router plans For the Portfolio case available here –
CNC Router Plans for the Gamer Case is available here –

The Mechanical Portfolio case is intended to wow your clients and anchor you in their memory. A unique solution for making an impact during a job interview or presentation. This is the perfect accessory to present your work in a way not soon forgotten.

I believe in the importance of a successful first impression. This is especially true when you are interviewing for a job or trying to make a sale. I believe that your artwork or sales samples should be presented in such a way that it is obvious that you are passionate about them and you genuinely care. For the same reason you dress in your best clothing, you should present your product with the same enthusiasm. That is why I designed a case that is so unique, it will mark you as one to be remembered.

This case is made entirely from 5.2mm MDF yet it does not have one drop of glue nor any metal components or fasteners. It is designed with interlocking tabs that lock everything together with no chance this will ever come apart. Each tab has teeth that spring open to hold them in place. Both sides of the case open simultaneously with a geared mechanism on both ends. Also, as the sides open, support legs lever down to the table surface as the sides lay flat. These legs support the case so it will be steady and not wobble on the table as you unload your product. The sides of the case are designed to hold standard 11″x17″ sized prints. There are support bars that can be inserted to help hold your product in place. There is also a center section inside the case that can be adjusted to hold your laptop, iPad, business cards, pens, pencils… you get the idea.

I chose MDF for this case mainly because it makes this case very easy to customize. It accepts paint, stain and even a clear coat. Staining this with a dark stain gives it a rich leather like appearance. Because of the material, this case obviously reads like it is made from wood, the impact however is in its 115 piece design and its presentation. The quality and design of the case is the focus, the construction material itself is your canvas to add your own personal touch.

I will be creating another video showing the assembly of this box in case anyone is interested in buying the plans. This will need to be exclusively cut using a CNC because of the precision involved so it will be available only in DWG or DXF format. This CNC Project will be set up to use 5.2mm thick material.

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