Tear off the test Yamishtu Bigfootami cutlets OGON off-road 4×4 Big Foot in Deep Mud!

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All my vidos on my own channel: https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA9dDTcYXu_nLphcPvAP5HQ
The most rough rides: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9MTvFaxYoWM&list=PL8dLX7U4EN-SdnuFdhswVK2wIK8ASBspL
In this rides take part my Toyota Bomb made of Toyota 4runner with arc wheels Ya 170a and axles of military truck GAZ 66, there are also Niva, UAZ, Mitsubisi, Nissan, GAZ66 and many others that were made for offroad
There are also cars that were made fully by their owners, will call them “Kotleta”
Many people ask why we do that.
It is really a great way to spend time, we challenge ourselves and our cars in complicated situations and help each other and common car owners, sometimes we even help the emergency services.
Among Jeepers we have spacial “atmosphere” and it is worth much more than the price of broken cars. With this videos u can fill the piece of our impressions, get to know new people and I hope will be inspired to test your “iron horse” one day if u like it.
Have a good watch, great mood and good luck!

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