Skyrider One – Very First Flight of the Electric Scooter & ParagliderQ

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Skyrider One is the first prototype of an electric scooter, which is also an electric paraglider. It is the easiest way, to have something like a flying car. You can drive to your airstrip, fly to somewhere, and drive home after landing. With all electric drive, it is quiet and does’nt make any pollution. It can be used in areas, where combustion engines are not allowed. And two wheels are enough, no need for more. Take off and landing is easy with some help of your feet.
Flying in thermals is possible and can increase the endurance up to several hours. Enjoy the beautyful landscapes of La Palma (Canary Islands).

Hub motor: up to 6 kW
Prop motor: up to 13 kW
Prop diameter: 130 cm
System voltage: 52 V
Battery: 14S LiPo, 58 Ah, 3 kWh (one or two packs)
Recharge time: 3 hours
Weight: 108 kg
Endurance: 60 km on road, 15 min. in air (one battery)
120 km on road, 30 min. in air (two batteries)
Top speed: 60 km/h
Fun factor: unlimited

Music (creative common licence): Graphiqs Groove – Deep sky blue; Transient – Fluke

Designer & Pilot: Thomas Senkel, Forschungsbuero

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