Secret Wood Bowl DIY! Amzng :)

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After making my version of the secret wood rings, I knew I wanted to try and scale it up!
This bowl is made from splintered walnut and polyester resin. I ended up making a very large blank and turning most of it away! While I’m more than pleased by the end result, I think I could have minimized the resin usage with a bit of planning…

Regardless, I ended up with a cool and unique bowl! I hope you enjoy this video. I know I enjoyed making it

Resin and Timber Bowl:

Full write up coming soon:

Want To Make this Project?
West System Epoxy:
Clear Polyester Resin:
Mixing Cups & Stir Sticks:
Epoxy Resin Blue Pigment:
Silicone Rubber Mat:
Rubber Gloves:
Carbide Turning 3-Piece Set:
Bowl Gouge:
80 grit – 800 grit sanding discs:…
Sorby Sandmanster System:
Mico Mesh Foam Pads:
Micro Mesh Flat Sheets:
PlastX polish:

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