RC MODEL ADVENTURES – LOW RiDiNG at RCX 2016 – PT 1 – The People.

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Click to Subscribe ! http://bit.ly/JOovvU – Wow, what an amazing event! The Fifth Scale Boss and Myself flew to Costa Mesa California for the 2016 RCX Expo Show to meet with viewers and to take in the amazing sights of the event. I wanted this first film in our RCX series to be about some of the folks we had a chance to meet with, and who we were able to take photos with! It’s always SUCH A PLEASURE to take time with the folks that enjoy the RC ADVENTURES series, and for the people who help make our show possible!

The place was PACKED! There was no way to capture every person we met with, but we certainly shook as many hands and took as many pictures as possible. A shoutout to the event organizers for putting forth such a massive amount of effort to ensure people were smiling, and had a ton of fun! Everett and I were kept busy every moment, as we walked from building to building handing out stickers and meeting the viewers of RC ADVENTURES! I gotta say sorry to the folks we missed.. as there was literally thousands of people in attendance.

Another Shout-Out to Rudy of the RC Lowco’s group.. who allowed me to photograph his Low Rider for the video thumbnail / preview picture. His low rider’s simply blew me away, and was a real treat to see. Unfortunately, I was so amazed I forgot to get him on camera! Really, really authentic, and creative.. glad to have captured some of his ride so our viewers can be as Jaw-Dropped as we were!

Make sure to stay tuned, as this video is only the first in a series of films I have planned for you to enjoy.

If you couldn’t make it to RCX, then let US bring it to you! We highly suggest making it to this show at least once if you are an RC Enthusiast… it should definitely be on your bucket list.

THANK YOU TO ALL OF THE KiND FOLKS that came to say hello! It was a pleasure meeting all of you, and to be able to shake your hand was the highlight of our trip! We hope to see you again, really soon!

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