RC Crash Compilation | Traxxas Outtakes.1

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Things don’t always go exactly according to plan. Take a look behind the scenes at some of the epic Traxxas RC crashes and outtakes during the making of our videos. Check out the high-flying wrecks, hard hits, bloopers, and outtakes.

At Traxxas, we want to inspire you to get out and experience the excitement of owning a Traxxas RC model, so we strive to produce videos that show how fast, fun, and durable our vehicles are. We often get asked about how tough our models are or if anything ever breaks. Watch the video and see for yourself. You really can push the limits and even go past the limits with your Traxxas model. We do. Sometimes things do happen, and when they do, parts are just a few dollars and repairs can be done quickly.

And, yes, we have told our pilot that Engineering has already done the durability testing for the Aton.

Here’s the brave and fearless cast of this compilation:
Slash 4X4 equipped with Aluminum Shock Caps (#3767A), paddle tires for hydroplaning footage – lost spring retainer (#3768) $3
E-Revo Brushless Edition equipped with Aluminum Push Rods and Toe Links (#5319X, #5338R)
Aton – damaged Rotor Blades (#7928, Red)(#7926, Black) $5, per set
Slayer Pro 4X4 – stripped Servo Gears (#2053) $4
Skully and Craniac

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