Manufacture of laminated veneer lumber ”GrandPine”

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Stages of production of glued beams:

Sawing wood into blanks;
Drying blanks to 12 ± 2% humidity;
Calibration of blanks;
Search and elimination of defects;
Splicing lamellas into a mini spike;
Calibration of boards;
Gluing on the plane;
Planing of blanks;
Coating with protective compounds;
Ending workpieces;
Corner joint cutting;
Drilling of technological holes;
Coating of corner joints with protective compounds.
The production of wall glued beams is a high-tech and labor-intensive process that allows you to obtain a building material with special properties as a result. The production process does not even begin at the factory, but much earlier. The specialists of the forestry make a careful selection of pine logs with the appropriate characteristics suitable for the needs of production.

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