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Ive always been a fortunate one to get some models earlier than release to get my opinion of them..and to test them out on my own backyard trail course. Sometimes, like this time.. I wait to show off a model until I have had a bit of practice with it.. Well, I sure do like the Founder 2! It is a lot like the cragsman series.. but instead has portal axles, and built in wheel weights that make this truck extremely planted. Also, being 1/8 scale in size.. I am able to conquer a lot more terrain. Some viewers might be upset that I changed the tires from the stock setup. All I can say is I encourage you to get your own, and change it as you see fit, also. Im not the manufacturer.. but a hobbyist just like you. I like to tinker.

The Battery I am using in this model is a Gens ace LiPo Battery Pack 7000mAh 11.1V 60C/120C 3S HardCase with a Deans Plug Connector! You can get one too on Amazon.. here is a link:

Here is some information about the model, from AsiaTees, a Traction Hobby Distributor in the USA.

“Traction Hobby is releasing the all-new Ready-To-Run Founder II Rubicon crawler with all aluminum portal axles.

The Founder II combines the quality features of the Cragsman with the Founder I body with lots of extras. Additional features on Founder II include billet aluminum portal axles and a new chassis frame design to reduce weight. There are multiple mounting positions on the steering knuckles for ackerman setup. The Founder II also comes standard with billet aluminum side rails and plastic inner wheel fenders for the Rubicon body.

Similar to the Cragsman, it comes standard with front and rear diff lock option and has a switch on the transmitter for 2WD and 4WD. It has a High/Low 2-speed transmission and the anti torque twist counter rotation center drivetrain to remove all torque twist for better performance on the trail. Full metal gears for durability (except for spur gear). It has a 45 degree steering angle with standard setup.

Electronics include:

Radio: Flysky GT5 with 6 channels
ESC: HobbyWing WP-860-Dual-RTR 60A for brushed motor
Motor: 550 28T brushed”

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