How the caterpillar dumper works with a 360 degree turn

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The main feature of this machine is a full-turning platform, allowing the top of the truck to rotate 360 ​​degrees around its axis.
Scheme of attachment and platform functionality are similar to those used in the construction of hydraulic full-turn excavators.

The carrying capacity of such a dump truck reaches 12.7 tons, and the body structure allows to unload the material at any angle and even while driving.

The dump truck weighs 18.1 tons and is equipped with a diesel engine with a capacity of 320 hp.
To reduce pressure on the ground, the machine uses new rubber caterpillars giving a load of 7.9 psi at full load.

Such a low specific pressure allows the dump truck to move smoothly over soft and damp ground without risk of getting bogged down.

Also, given that the dump truck will need to work in difficult conditions and in hard-to-reach terrain, its cabin is protected according to all the latest standards.

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