Epoxy & coffee beans coffee table world map: MILIC DIY!

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You want to make coffee table for your home? Coffee beans, wood & epoxy can be a beautiful combination. I’ll show you my idea so watch my video.
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In this case it has been used fir wood, which has long been in the attic.Epoxy doesn’t like moisture and the wood must be completely dry.
Scan the drawing on the wood
You can also use already roasted coffee.I prefer to fry the coffee myself because thats when it’s differently fried so the texture is more beautifu. 
Use multiple varieties of coffee, because it is easier to assemble a mosaic when grains of different sizes.
Grains stick to wood with ordinary super glue.
Roasted coffee has a lot of flakes and during the frying desertes fat so you need to rinse with alcohol and rub with the towel. Otherwise it won’t stick the best and during the spill all the dirt and flakes will separate and remain in the upper layers of epoxy.
I have made a few tables at the same time.
Do not burn the wood like a lot, because  ultimately the table will be too dark.
Do it just to get the wood contours.
After burning the wood mandatory sand with fine sandpaper and clean of soot and fine particles to get the cleanest glaze of epoxy.
Always stir epoxy in two containers.When well mixed epoxy and catalyst in the first, sleep in the second, stir a little and the mixture is ready to pour. 
This will avoid that the mixture from the walls of the container which is  not commingled ends up in the mold,and cause the adhesive points on the surface of epoxy.
Between each layer of epoxy  has to go from 5 to 24 h. 
Room temperature should be kept constant, the room must be clean and minimal humidity to make everything work out perfectly.
Use a mask because the epoxy  can easily cause an allergic reaction. 
Always use latest gloves (do not look up to me )

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