David Hull & Wally Kundert working in the snow at the Ranch!

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Happy 2017 to all my viewers and loyal subscribers. On January 11, 2017, David Hull and Wally Kundert went to the Tree Farm’s 450 acre Ranch Tree Farm to begin hauling logs from the company’s thinning job. The “Ranch” Tree Farm is located one mile north of Bellfountain, Oregon just off Bellfountain Road. At the time this video was shot the entire state of Oregon was in week two of a deep freeze and over 8 inches of snow in the Bellfountain area. David used his 1974 Pete dump truck to haul two loads of rock so Wally could get to the landing with the 97 KW and begin hauling logs. David Hull is driving his company’s 1974 Pete dump truck and dumping two loads of three inch on the mud, snow and ice. The 1974 Peterbilt in this video was purchased brand new in July, 1974 by, David’s Dad, Homer Hull and was his last logging truck. In early 1991 the old Pete was converted from a logging truck into a dump truck. Wally Kundert, Woods Superintendent for David Hull Tree Farms is shown in this video driving driving his 1997 KW and hauling logs to Weyerhaeuser’s Santiam plant in Lebanon, Oregon. Wally told the managers here at the Tree Farm that he will work another two years before he moves into Emeritus Status. Wally has been a very loyal and hardworking member of the Tree Farm for a quarter of a century and is one hell of a mentor and coworker. He is a 1971 graduate of Monroe High School and lives in Alsea, Oregon. Trees R Us Logging and Construction, Inc. of Cheshire, Oregon are logging a first entry thin on a 35 year old stand of Douglas Fir for David and Carole Hull. The unit had several sorts in cluding: the saw logs to Weyerhaeuser Santiam, chip and saw to Seneca Eugene, and pulp to Fibre Marketing in Philomath, Oregon. Trees R Us do a fine job thinning and we would recommend them for any type of harvest job, Thinning Job and Road construction and maintenance job. As always with my videos, please “like” them. Cody Hull shot this entire video using a GO PRO Hero 4 Silver Edition and this digital short was created using YouTube Video Editor (https://www.youtube.com/editor)

Until Next Time, Keep on Trucking.

Cody 🙂

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