Creation of Reactive LED Coffee Table!

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I took pictures of my creating this project, so that I could later assemble them into this video. I sketched out some rough circuit block diagrams (read: not exact, merely demonstrative) to convey my approach, and linked some good sites to obtain more info.
The original prototype board can be seen here:
This link also contains a vast amount of information such as motivation/inspiration, similar projects by others, and more on components used.
Quick-click links that I used in the video:
TLC5940 to Arduino drivers:
Hints for Arduino-MUX code:
More code for Arduino-MUX communication:

Final Project, extended demo:

If you have any questions, please hit me up; there very well may be a mistake you could discover that I missed. Outside that, I can clarify a few things, but the information and links included in the video should be sufficient.
Final words: there are so many ways this could be improved that I encourage those interested to expand on the ideas, and share!
Addendum 9/3/2016: Want to reduce the wire tangle? Try multiplexing your input/output scheme like the Spark Design Club at the University of Toronto:

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