Classic Glider Flight * The Ultimate Freedom.

4 sene önce
6.796 izlenme

Flying the classic Schulgleiter ‘SG’ 38 in Eutingen im Gäu “EDTE”.
We present it there once a year for the “Mobile Legenden” classics Festival and Airshow. It’s an absolute pure feeling of gliding compared to modern gliders. Flying long distances/ cross country for me is a challenge and I love it, but with the SG38 its a short but awesome time to enjoy.

Reasons why I flew with the suit is cause I came back to the airport after grandmas birthday and decided to fly it dressed like I am – plus a cylinder. The lion of my little sister was obviously hungry for a ride too so I took him with me.

A big thank you to all the people around helping me and my dad aero towing me up.
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