C17 Lands at small commuter airport by accident!

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C-17 Lands at small commuter airport by accident
TRT= 2:22
This C-17 landed at the small commuter airport (TPF – Peter O’Knight airport) just south of downtown on Davis Islands, in Tampa instead of Mac Dill AFB.
The runways are lined up closely enough that this is not the first time that a USAF “heavy”, has set up for final approach from the east before an “oh shoot” moment when they realized that there are no private homes along the runway at MacDill AFB, who’s runway is long enough to be designated an alternative for the space shuttle.
When I was shooting news in Tampa, I shot the departure of a Brazilian C-130 who did the same thing. I think that the C130 and this C17 probably lifted off at just about the same point on the runway.
This ought to be a great story for his pilot’s, (if not his navigator’s) great, great, great, great grandson.
Here is the link to the landing video shot by Ryan, one of the pilots trapped at the airport all day till this take off:
Take a look at the two airports on on Google maps. Also that they backed the tail of the C17 over the water in the channel before takeoff!

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