Axial Wraith VXL boggin at Crawler World!

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Wraith Backyard TTC course Rocks
Mudpit revised with 100lbs of clay
Super Swampers
120mm Hot Racing shocks
Axial Wraith
Traxxas VXL-3s system(motor/esc)
Normal gearing 16/87 48pitch
Castle BEC
Hot Racing knuckles and c-hubs
Hot Racing 120mm shocks
Toward Pro MG946R servo @ 7.2 volts
Kimbrough 1/4 scale servo saver(black) or Traxxas “large” saver (white)
Robinson Racing transmission gears
Axial 43/13 HD differential gears
RC4WD frt diff cover
Vanquish rear diff cover
Custom shock mounts and upper tie bars
Custom straight links, 8/32 mild steel all-thread w/6mm brakeline, Traxxas Revo ends
Custom length 4 link bars approx 5mm shorter front, 10mm shorter rear
Custom 4 bend steering link using the XR side of knuckles and lovin’ the ackerman
Custom aluminum axle toobz
Custom aluminum body with integrated inner fenders and 2 piece aluminum hood
Custom tonneau cover made from wax coated paper, under coat, and gloss black paint
JB Welded or epoxied Axial HD lockers, currently looking at solutions for the weak stock lockers
May be seen running an HPI open front differential with silicone diff lock
Modified stock driveshafts, dual females w/aluminum inner tube
Stock plastic rear axle lock outs
Stock dog bones
Battery in rear, 5000mah 2S or 4000mah 3S
Weighs approx 8lbs with the CAC’s @7.5lbs with the Hammers

Wheel packages
Trail set – CAC EZ locks w/Super Swampers, memory foam, no vent holes, no weight added, approx 8oz each total, installed with the “narrow” offset 11.5″ from edge to edge.
Crawl set – Axial 8 holes wheels with half spun hex mod 😀 Super Swampers, no foams, sealed with airsoft pellets, fronts weigh approx 12oz and the rears 9oz
Speed set – RPM Revolvers, crawler wide offset with Proline Hammers and memory foam, 7oz fronts and 6.2oz rears.

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