228 Wood – turning firewood to a $50 Tiger Bowl.

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Australian Inventor Roger Clyde Webb demonstrates Wood-turning firewood to $50 Tiger Bowl on a Pacific Tooling Wood Lathe

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Pacific Tooling ships worldwide: Email me at: info@pacifictooling.com I will send you information on our new wood * Lathe * and 4040, 6060, 6090 and 6012 (linear rail model) CNC routers and now CNC lasers 6040, 6090, 1390 and 1225. Pacific Tooling; Australian Inventor Roger Clyde Webb 😉


These videos are intended for entertainment and inspiration. Woodworking and metalworking is dangerous. Always seek professional advice and training before using any power tools or CNC machine. If you have any uncertainty before performing any DIY procedure, stop and learn a safer method. Understand that there are years of learning and experimentation by me that are not in the videos. Do not attempt anything simply because you saw it in one of my videos.

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