10 Smallest Airplanes You Can Actually Buy in 2018 ”Honest Review”

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If you have always been convinced that an airplane could be owned by someone extremely rich, you might have been a little wrong.

What if we told you that small aircraft are actually priced on average at around $150,000, which is on par with some luxury cars. Moreover, there are even cheaper do it yourself options available for true aviation enthusiasts, that allow to save even more money, by building a plane from kit components.

Today we will be reviewing 10 small flying vessels that are perfect for air travel adventures, have lower price than you might have expected from vehicles that actually fly, and deliver fantastic experience of operating your personal plane.

Compact aircraft that have been featured in this video:

Blackwing 600 RG and FG: blackwing.aero

Blackwing 600 RG is small aircraft with a typical for its class 100 hp Rotax 912 ULS four-cylinder engine. It is the first model to have a VNE of 248.54 mph and a cruising speed of 172 mph

Stream: tl-ultralight.cz/en/ultralight-aircraft/stream

This unique plane is the latest creation of the Check company TL Ultralight that combines all of the previous experience, knowledge and craftsmanship that the company has accumulated throughout the years of operation since 1989.

STOL CH 650: zenithair.net/photos-ch650

Zenith CH 650 is a DIY aircraft. It is offered with four types of engines Zenith’s pricing is moderate and starts from $50,000.

X-Cub from Cubcrafters: cubcrafters.com/xcub

This is one of the latest entries to fleet of Cubcrafters that is able to check every box on the aviation enthusiast’s adventures list.

Pipistrel Panthera: panthera-aircraft.com/gallery

Panthera is a Slovenian aircraft that stands out from the crowd by being able to carry up to four people, while still remaining super-efficient with only 10 gallons per hour fuel consumption.

P2002 Sierra MkII AUL: tecnam.com/aircraft/p2002-sierra-mkii-aul

The latest P2002 Sierra comes with a decent lightweight aircraft package offering improved cabin layout, top of the line avionics, new interior options and a re-designed cowling for the engine.

American Super Legend: legend.aero/shop

Super Legend HP is one of the most powerful airplanes offered by American Legend Company. With a 180 hp Titan O-340 4-cylinder, it price is $169,900.

Icon A5 iconaircraft.com/a5

As per the mutual agreement of aircraft fans the Icon A5 is the flying vessel where art meets aviation. It is a two seater high-wing monoplane that has a carbon fiber frame, foldable wings and retractable undercarriage.

Sport Cruiser: zechsportaircraft.com/en/sport-cruiser

Sport Cruiser is one of the most popular lightweight planes on the market today with a large community of pilots around the globe. By some accounts this is the best LSA available for purchase that combines all of the key features and more.

Akoya from Lisa Airplanes: lisa-airplanes.com/en/multimedia

Akoya is a natural combination if unparalleled performance, versatility and sleek design. As the manufacturer claims they have an airplane on their hands that totally re-invents the light aviation.

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